Employee Values Statement

“We value Trust, Professionalism, Teamwork, Communication, and Work/Life Balance in order to provide outstanding service to our community.”

We value…

Trust between our community and each other.

We act reliably and responsibly.

We accept accountability.

We create and preserve an environment that is honest and ethical.

Effective communication through active listening, mutual respect, and open and honest expression of viewpoints.

We collaborate to reach consensus.

We are open minded.

We are approachable.

Effective teamwork in achieving the community’s goals.

We believe in collaboration.

We transform diverse expertise into high performance teams that get results.

A high standard of professionalism which begins with dedication to quality customer service.

We empower competent, well-trained, employees.

We encourage the growth of self-esteem.

We encourage innovation through creative ideas and solutions.

We demonstrate integrity as positive role models in our community.

We embrace diversity in our organization.

Supporting employee quality of life by encouraging an environment that focuses on work/life balance.

We encourage a positive and supportive attitude.

We demonstrate respect.

We exhibit empathy.

We foster pride in our work.

While always striving for excellence, we value finding humor in our daily work.

Values Statement